Interesting article on the web analytics market (focusing on the market after Google Analytics made it’s Nov 14 debut) from yesterday’s edition of Investor’s Business Daily.

The market for web analytics software is projected to grow north of present numbers according to the article:

Web analytics software emerged in the 1990s. The software helps companies learn just who is visiting their Web sites and just what those visitors are doing on those sites. The software helps companies measure how well their Web sites are meeting corporate goals. It also aims to help companies improve their online sales and ad campaigns.

As more businesses seek to bolster their Web presence, the Web analytics market is poised to grow. U.S. sales of such software and services are expected to rise to nearly $1 billion in 2009 from $565 million this year, says Jupiter Research.

So Google’s gift of free, robust, ROI-based web analytics has done nothing to soften the market for high end paid analytics it seems. There will always be room for the higher end players servicing the likes of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and plenty of other huge web properties.

But for the non-mega web property (including plenty of Fortune 500 companies), Google offers a fantastic feature set with plenty of benefits including executive dashboard summaries, period over period date comparison reporting views, campaign tracking, ecommerce reporting, site overlay, geo targeting, and much, much more. Google Analytics isn’t your mama’s analog stat program just because it’s free.

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