Updated December 19, 2016

Arguably one of the most powerful upgrades with Google’s new AdWords platform, Enhanced Campaigns, is the ability to target locations more granularly within a single campaign. Under the old structure, retailers looking to target a specific geo-region would have to duplicate a campaign then target the copied campaign to the specific state, city, or zip code. This was tedious and cumbersome – especially for large accounts.

The new location targeting features have given more power to the original campaign targeting. Once a campaign is enhanced, location bid adjustments can be made down to the zip code level. This is a huge win for brick and mortar retailers looking to harness the power of their mobile searchers closest to each store. By bidding up (or down) a region, retailers are able to manage their ROI for specific locations.

Consider these 3 applications of location bid adjustments to your AdWords account.

1. Target your local shoppers
The most straightforward type of location targeting applies to retailers with physical storefronts. Bidding up for searches closest to the store could be profitable at driving in store purchases or for searchers looking to do business with a local company. You can even apply a radius bid around your location extension that will automatically use your address linked from your Google Places account.

2. Adjusting locations for weather.
Retailers can use weather patterns as a guide to adjusting location bids. As weather begins to warm, enhanced campaigns have enough flexibility for retailers to adjust the locations bids up or down accordingly. Prior to this bidding change in AdWords, retailers could not have adjusted bids for the variations in weather patterns without creating separate geo-targeted copies of campaigns in their AdWords accounts.

3. Adjusting locations based on performance trends.
Probably one of the more reliable ways to use location bidding to eliminate spend and improve profitability is to adjust location bids based on performance trends. For pure play ecommerce retailers, using the trends from the data is the primary way to use the location bidding features. However, this can also apply to all forms of retailers using AdWords. By using the data from one of the two new reports in the Settings tab, you can isolate and target the most profitable and least profitable locations based on who is buying and where.