urchin partnerIf you currently own or have ever considered Urchin software, you may be wondering what new benefits version 7 brings to the table. The new features included in Urchin 7 make it a much more powerful tool in terms of processing capabilities and customization for your business needs.

We’ll be reviewing what’s new at our next LIVE Urchin webinar with special Google guest, Dennis Osmolovski, Urchin Technical Lead.

Hear directly from the Urchin technical lead who worked on this software during development. Dennis will be covering the new features version 7 has to offer you and your business (see the list below). Then after the presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask him your Urchin questions.

Topic: Urchin 7’s New Features, presentation followed by audience Q&A
Date/Time: Thursday, November 11th at 2:00 pm Eastern
Duration: 35-45 minutes

Here are the major new features Dennis will be covering:

Those who might benefit from Urchin Software the MOST would be those who prefer to keep their data on machines they control, those who would like to process historical data, those who need their data audited by third parties, and those who would like to track an intranet.

During the webinar we’ll also review pricing and upgrade information (discounts are available for current Urchin owners, government departments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations).

Get the full picture of what Urchin 7 can do for you – register for the free Urchin 7 webinar.