Make Google’s Change to Ad Rotation A Positive!

If you have an AdWords account, chances are by now you have heard about Google’s changes to the ad rotation settings. The news came out a few weeks ago that Google is phasing out the “rotate: show ads more evenly” setting that many advertisers rely on for ad testing. There has been a TON of negative feedback about this change, but if handled properly it can actually be a chance to reevaluate your ad testing and make some positive changes to your AdWords account.

Here are our recommendations to ensure this change does not negatively affect your account’s performance, and more importantly, your bottom line.

Audit your ad rotation settings:
This is a great time to dive into your account and check what ad rotation settings you have active. Chances are that there is at least one campaign in your account that does not have the optimal ad rotation setting enabled. The correct ad rotation setting varies per account, and is reliant upon your paid search objectives.

Test Your Ads More Often:
Google still allows advertisers to rotate their ads – but now only for 30 days now. What this means is if you have a decent amount of traffic you will still be able to split test ads- just not for more than 30 days. In a way, Google is actually forcing advertisers to have a more active role in their ad testing. Yes, this means more work – but hopefully it will payoff with better performing ads and an increase in traffic and sales for you.

Have a system in place:
Instead of allowing ad tests to go on and on without a true winner, you’ll now need to setup a system to check ad tests more often. Also, if you have a large account you will most likely need a way to speed up the process of evaluating ad wins. Here at ROI Revolution we use an internal tool that can quickly scan ads across an account and evaluate wins through thousands of ad groups.