Did you know that 66% of smartphone users access the Internet daily?

Mobile has quickly become one of the most versatile marketing channels. As mobile usage continues to rise, so do mobile product searches. Consumers are researching products, performing in-store shopping comparisons, and making purchases from their mobile devices. A recent survey from IBM estimates that mobile sales for the 2012 holiday season will reach 20% of total online shopping sales.

Optimizing paid search campaigns for mobile devices should be based on an account’s historical AdWords data. For accounts with clear mobile patterns, here are some ways to optimize those campaigns.

Separate out mobile campaigns. For campaigns with solid and significant mobile traffic, launch a separate mobile targeted campaign. These new campaigns are targeted only to mobile devices with ads optimized for mobile traffic.

Use Mobile Friendly Keywords & Ad Text. User behavior is different on smartphones. To optimize mobile campaigns use more relevant mobile search terms and adjust ad text to attract the busy mobile user to click, shop, and buy.

Manage Mobile Bids. There are fewer ad positions on each mobile search results page. Only 2 ads show at the top of the results. It is important that bids are managed on a regular basis for these top 2 ad positions.

These are just a few ways to get started with your mobile marketing. Mobile is a young shopping channel. As mobile usage evolves, so will mobile marketing. Optimizing for the mobile consumer takes a keen understanding to how your consumers are behaving on their mobile devices. Retailers who get there early and optimize for their consumer will be ahead of their competition.