Google's Brett CrosbyThere’s a great interview just published by Manoj on his blog with Google’s Brett Crosby.

Brett is one of the founders of Urchin Software company which got acquired by Google in March, 2005. Brett is a great guy in every respect and has a good deal of passion for spreading the web analytics gospel whereever he can.

When Manoj ask Brett about his goals for Google Analytics Brett said:

…one of my general goals is to get more and more people to use this data in order to make actionable decisions. More specifically one of my goals (and my entire team’s) is the opportunity to bring the market up to speed by using analytics to make decisions for their website. This was not the case a little while back where only a small percentage of users had access to this type of data. It’s an industry wide challenge to get the right information to the right people at the right time so this is something we’re taking serious considerations into.

Manoj also asked Brett about how AJAX measurement might be implemented in the future and here’s what he said:

Great question, although my thoughts are proprietary to Google, we did purchase a company called MeasureMap a little while back and one of the founders of Measure Map: Jeff Veen has written a book on AJAX/Web design. Jeff and his team are highly versed in AJAX so therefore we definitely have some thoughts on how to handle it.