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Meta, Amazon, and TikTok are all strong ways to build sales in the digital world on their own – but finding an effective way to use them together can open the door for even more effective strategies.

For businesses looking to grow in today’s ecommerce landscape, it’s important to utilize a combination of paid and retail media to:

  • Reach a larger audience of shoppers
  • Increase exposure to your brand
  • Gain more opportunities for conversions

Keep reading to uncover some actionable strategies that will help you make the most of your digital strategy on Meta vs. Amazon vs. TikTok.

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Benefits of Advertising Through Amazon

Amazon is one of the most used shopping platforms in the world. More and more customers have started using Amazon as the first step in their purchase journey due to its vast selection, in-depth product pages, and trustworthy reviews.

Designing and executing a full-funnel strategy on Amazon can be extremely beneficial. By keeping the customer on the site (or app), your brand can expose potential purchasers to repeated ads without relying on them having to navigate too far back the original product.

Customers who are exposed to multiple ads see purchase rates increase exponentially with each additional exposure.

Using a mix of ad types to ensure your brand shows up at nearly every step of the buyer’s journey is sure to keep your funnel full of new customers while also building long-term brand loyalty.

Amazon’s advertising offerings aren’t limited to on-site placements! Off-site DSP allows brands to drive traffic from other high visibility sites back to a specific product or the Brand Store.

Amazon’s growing network of owned and operated channels (such as IMdB and Amazon Fire) can serve ads in unconventional places that other platforms don’t have the same access to.

Opportunities for streaming ads via Amazon Prime Video or Music are added bonuses that keep customers in the funnel, while also increasing the number of potential customers via mass exposure.

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Benefits of Advertising on Meta & TikTok

Paid social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are passive channels, meaning users usually aren’t actively looking for your brand’s products or services.

Giving users more exposure to your brand can only better support a cross-platform full-funnel strategy.

One of the benefits of being on the Meta platforms and TikTok is the vast audiences you have the ability to reach. With 90% of US shoppers actively using social media, your business has the opportunity to put your ads in front of a vast number of shoppers who might not know about your product yet but would be interested in buying it.

Another benefit is that you can cater your ad creative to your audience’s interests and meet them where they are. For example, TikTok is a great place to utilize user-generated content (UGC) created by an influencer that could entice users to purchase. Or, you could place a “scroll-stopping” ad in the Instagram or Facebook feed where users are likely to see it during their daily scroll time.

The user’s journey to purchase could go in many different directions – but showing up in the places where you know they are will keep your product top-of-mind when they finally make the decision to purchase.

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Cross-Platform Strategies on Meta, Amazon, & TikTok

Amazon does offer off-site Display ads – but once a customer leaves Amazon without making a purchase, it becomes a waiting game to see if they return to complete the sale.

The bad news: Amazon’s off-site Display ads now have an extra set of competitors coming from brands that aren’t necessarily on Amazon.

The good news: By using paid media platforms like Meta and TikTok together with Amazon, your brand can have a huge leg up over your competition.

How is it possible?

  1. Meta allows ads to link back to Brand Stores on Amazon, which can kick off a cycle of retargeting ads across both platforms.
  2. If a customer clicks the ad on Meta and gets redirected to Amazon, Amazon’s DSP ads can be used to target that customer both on and off Amazon.
  3. If that customer engages with one of those ads, they get pulled deeper into the Amazon sales funnel. At the same time, Meta can begin retargeting customers who engaged with the landing page of the initial ad with ads linking back to the brand’s website.

Having one ad that drives to two funnels increases the odds that you’ll drive conversions with each additional impression. If Amazon is the primary focus for your campaign, running simultaneous campaigns on both platforms casts a wider net with a variety of ads offering different looks to engage the customer.

Another cross-platform strategy is utilizing UGC content with “TikTok made me buy…” content that links back to your Amazon store, which supports both reaching the users where they are and driving those purchases back to Amazon.

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Tying It All Together: Meta vs. Amazon vs. TikTok

It’s highly beneficial for your brand to be showcased on many different platforms for both exposure and conversions. Whether it’s Meta vs. Amazon vs. TikTok, by creating a cross-platform strategy for your company, you’ll be able to support all channels and the growth goals you might have for each of those platforms.

Having an effective cross-channel digital strategy can help your business stay profitable in a fluctuating economy. You can get more conversions out of your campaigns when you have channel experts collaborating to ensure your strategy is aligned – and profitable – across the entire funnel.

There may be growth potential waiting for your brand under the surface. Don’t let them go to waste! To explore the untapped revenue opportunities awaiting your brand, send a message to our team today.