Google Analytics’ Alden DeSoto points out that Google continues to add new features to its amazing (free) analytics.

Here’s the scoop from the Google Analytics Blog:

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding a few more of your most requested features.

The following improvements are available in your account now:

– We’ve added a “Go to:” box to all reports that have tables so you can jump directly to a specific row. If you have 5,000 referring sources and you want to see row 3,456, you can jump right to it.

– The Map Overlay report view now defaults to Country instead of Subcontinent.

– Content reports now have a Segment menu so you can cross-segment pages and sets of pages by referral source, keyword, visitor type, and other visitor segments.

– Many of you prefer the more readable Content by Title report over the URL-based Content Drilldown and Top Content reports. However, drilling down on a specific title in the Content by Title report hasn’t allowed you to find (and therefore analyze and fix) URLs sharing the title. Until today.

Alden then goes on to point out that the previous Google Analytics interface is no longer available as previously announced.