Here at ROI Revolution we’ve enjoyed reviewing our most popular posts of the past year. There have been a lot of changes in the Pay-Per-Click world over the last twelve months, and it’s been exciting to watch them unfold.


To wrap up the year we’ve ranked our top 7 PPC blog posts of 2009:

1. The One vs. Many-Per-Click Breakdown
–Turn to this article for a breakdown of the One Vs. Many-Per-Click conversion change that happened in Google AdWords this past year. Since conversions are a reflection of your bottom line, understanding this change is crucial!

2. Top 5 Free PPC Tools –There are tons of FREE PPC tools on the web. Some of them are great, some are alright, and some are just OK. Here are ROI we’ve had experience with almost all of them, and have compiled a list of the top 5 for you to reference.

3. Introduction to Google’s Ad Auction, Part 1: Quality Score –This 2 part blog series summarizes a video put together by Google’s Chief Economist. Part 1 outlines Google’s Quality Score and what is required to have a good one.

4. Introduction to Google’s Ad Auction, Part 2: AdRank and CPC — Getting to the top of Google can be tricky (and expensive). This blog article outlines exactly how Google calculates AdRank and the cost you pay per click.

5.How to Use Negative Keywords When Targeting Google’s Content Network — Setting up campaigns to target Google’s content network can be confusing enough, add in negative keywords and you’ve got yourself a double whammy. This article explains best practices when using negative keywords when targeting Google’s content network.

6. Have You Used Google’s New Wonder Wheel? — We loved Google’s new tool so much we blogged about it! Google’s Wonder Wheel can help you expand your keyword list, build out content campaigns, find new negative keywords, and much more!

7.Google’s New Interface Will Make Your Advertising Life Easier — Google released their new interface for AdWords in 2009. Our article outlines the top features and benefits, and also links to our New AdWords user interface webinar where you’ll see how the new AdWords User Interface will save you hours of your limited time, help you cut wasted adspend, and discover hew highly relevant keywords and placements to scale your online profits!

We hope you have enjoyed recapping our top posts of 2009.

Best wishes in the new year!