There is no doubt smartphone and tablet shopping is thriving. If you are skeptical, just look at the trends from 2012. Sales from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices grew 81% in 2012, accounting for 11% of total e-commerce sales.

As smartphone penetration continues to climb, retail sales made from smartphone devices are expected to reach $27 billion by 2016, according to one study by Forrester Research, Inc. that excluded tablets. That would be 8% of forecasted e-commerce sales without even considering sales from tablet devices.

As mobile and tablet shopping continues to soar, so does the need to ensure your payment system to adapt to a mobile lifestyle. PayPal is making that happen for many retailers with PayPal Express Checkout. According eBay CEO, John Bonahoe, PayPal grew by 26 million users in 2012 and handled almost $14 billion in payment volume. They expect mobile payments to exceed $20 billion in 2013!

The convenience and ease of using PayPal Express Checkout from a mobile device means more consumers are apt to buy from your site so they don’t have to fumble for wallets and credit cards. While there are other mobile payment options, including Google Wallet, shoppers already recognize PayPal and have little adversity to using it to make a purchase online. They merely login and use their payment information already saved in the system.

So, why not have PayPal Express Checkout integrated with your site? A simplified payment option from PayPal could make the difference of making that sale or not. As you move to mobile and evaluate your website, don’t forget to assess your payment options for mobile buyers. The easier it is for consumers to give you payment, the easier it is for you to make that sale. This could make the difference you need in your mobile performance across all your marketing campaigns.