Our friends at Marketing Experiments are working with one of our clients on their marketing content strategy. They’re inviting everyone to compete in this creative experiment.

Read about their Ad Writing Contest and then submit your best entry as a comment to their blog post.

From their post:
The trouble with a content strategy is that it is very difficult to create content, and very difficult to predict what content will resonate with your customers.
You could spend a lot of time creating high-quality content only to find out later that another approach would have been more profitable.
To help provide clarity to their content strategy, we are going to run some PPC ads to ‘take the temperature,’ in a sense, of the people who are searching…

The results of this experiment will guide their content strategy, but I’m sure we’ll end up testing a few of the winners in the rest of their paid search campaigns as well.

The winner will be announced during their next web clinic on February 1st, 2012: Online Advertising Forensics: We investigate how and why a text-based PPC ad produced 47% more conversions. Click the link to sign up for this free clinic!