If you’re serious about making your Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) campaigns really shine, then don’t waste time or money attending generic, dime-a-dozen “online marketing” conferences.

Here’s why: Most conferences offer a more general online marketing theme all bundled into one “jack of all trades” conference, with a few general PPC tracks if you’re lucky. “Okay, PPC people, go into that room over there. We’ll see you again in about an hour for an ice cream break.” Sound familiar?

It’s great that many marketing conferences offer break-outs or alternate tracks for PPC. Really. But it’s almost always to cater to general marketing professionals who either want to know what PPC is or are still deciding whether to use it in their marketing mix.

So hold on, what about the PPC gurus who sit at their desk polishing PPC accounts all day? What if I don’t give a rat’s behind about SEO or affiliate programs? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of sitting through “Intro to Adwords” and “definition of CTR” slides for 3 hours. Especially after slapping down $1,000 to attend. My order: Less milk & honey, more steak & potatoes…with A1 sauce.

That’s why I’m so pumped about the upcoming PPC Summit in San Francisco (Thursday & Friday November 15-16). No matter what hour of the day, no matter which room I wander into, it’s PPC-focused and designed for enlightening the PPC die hards. This is the ONLY conference that can boast that.

Whether you’re an agency team member, advanced user, beginner, eCommerce, info marketer, corporate PPC manager, whatever. You’re covered. Everything you can imagine about PPC on Google, Yahoo!, MSN plus tons of smaller PPC options. I won’t get into the specifics of each workshop or class, but check out some of their PPC topics and workshops here. I’ll definitely be swapping notes for the classes I can’t attend. Erin, you ready?

We hope to see some of you out there in SF next month. Look for the ROI Revolution crew at the PPC Summit. We’d love to strike hands and meet up with you.

ROI Revolution’s Timothy Seward sat down with Mary O’Brien (PPC Summit Chairperson) during last month’s Los Angeles PPC Summit. In the video below, Mary gets specific about what you’ll learn and what to expect at the San Francisco session.