Pay Per Click advertisers rejoice!

YSM’s (Yahoo! Search Marketing) “Project Panama” has begun it’s long awaited roll-out! I received an e-mail this morning with the headline: “The New Sponsored Search is Now Live!” I went running through the office with the news. I logged into my account awaiting the new interface, and was disappointed to find out it was not there! They are sending invitations in stages to U.S advertisers.

We received a helpful hint at a Yahoo! Advertisers Workshop that I attended a few weeks ago and blogged about. If you do not have your keywords separated into categories, do this now! If you have any unassigned keywords then Yahoo will automatically put then in categories for you once the new interface is launched. It will be much better for you to do this yourself since you have a better understanding of your business model & the categories that they need to be separated into.

The upgrade center is available for all advertisers to help make the transition smooth. There are flash tutorials & PDF guides to get you up to par with the new interface.