Updated December 19, 2016

Rich Ads in Search create a more engaging experience for prospective customers–and can help drive more of them to your website.

With Rich Ads activated in MSN, your branded text ads are enhanced with user-engagement features such as deep links to your site, text entry forms, images, and videos.

Yes, only branded keywords are eligible for this format, so it’s really about build a stronger brand presence by appearing first, and prominently, on the search page – see the Coke rewards example below. Eligible keywords may extend beyond your company name to trademarked product names.


Do you have persuasive video assets that carry a strong brand theme?

Embedded videos are perhaps the most exciting enhancement to these Rich Ads. Videos allow the user to engage and learn more about your products so they’re more ready to buy once they reach your site. You can see an image with a gray play button right in the ad at the top of the page: