Hey, look! It’s a gaggle of GAACs!

Every year when autumn rolls around, you’ll find the ROI Revolution Analytics Team hard at work planning our strategy. Not for clients (we do that all year ’round, of course) but for the strange and fun activities planned at the annual Google Analytics Authorized Consultant Summit. Last year, it was Rock Band. This year, trampoline dodgeball.

Not all of our time at Google is spent jumping around on trampolines and pegging each other with balls. For four days, Google Partners from around the world convene in Mountain View to talk about the state of analytics and optimization, learn from one another, and push the limit when it comes to supporting our favorite free analytics platform.

Click for a rundown of what we covered…

Day One: Google Website Optimizer

Google Analytics Product Marketing Manager Eva Woo and her magical margarita machine. I want one for the ROI office.

Day Two: Google Analytics

Day Three: More Google Analytics

Day Four: Urchin

We heard some awesome news from the Urchin team on the development of the Urchin software. Stay tuned to the blog for more news as it comes!

That’s about it. In spite of our crushing dodgeball defeat, it was a great time and we were glad to chat with analysts from all over the world. We can hardly wait ’til next year. We’re all secretly hoping next year’s event is Slamball.


Yeaaaah. Not so much.