With the deprecation of Universal Analytics coming up in only nine short months, GA4 is top-of-mind for all businesses with an internet presence, but especially for ecommerce brands and retailers. GA4 is the new way forward for Google Analytics tracking and attribution, and businesses need to take swift and intentional steps to prepare for GA4 and the deprecation of Universal Analytics.

ROI Revolution is now a GA4 certified agency so that we can empower our clients to successfully transition to this new way of tracking and reporting.

With Universal Analytics going away in July 2023, or October 2023 for 360 subscribers, brands that didn’t transition before July or October 2022 won’t be able to track year-over-year data in GA4. With this need in mind, ROI Revolution’s dedicated Analytics team has been working diligently since early 2021 to onboard clients with GA4 tracking by mid-2022 and put them on a road towards success with making GA4 their single source of truth by early 2023.

We’ve completed GA4 tracking setups for over 215 websites!

We’ve worked with all of our clients on getting tracking implemented in GA4, pushing them through each stage of onboarding and ensuring that they are tracking everything they need, their data appears as expected, and they are equipped to utilize GA4 to its full capacity.

Becoming a GA4 Certified Agency

As part of setting our clients up for success with GA4, ROI Revolution was one of the first agencies to earn a Google Analytics 4 certification as GA certified partners. We earned our certification within just a few weeks of the exam being released.

The certification was completed across departments at ROI to ensure our experts are ahead of the curve with the most current knowledge and expertise around GA4 features and capabilities.

Adding the GA4 certification to our already-existing Google Premier Partnership and Google Marketing Platform certification required taking an exam that tested our knowledge on the dimensions, metrics, and logic in GA4, the features and integrations available, and how GA4 works in general. Given our agency’s preparedness in learning GA4, the test was passed on a first try across the board.

If you’re considering making the switch to a new agency, the transition to GA4 isn’t something you’ll have to stress about with ROI Revolution. Our GA4 certified experts are equipped to effectively handle implementation, multi-lens attribution modeling, data retention, reporting, data enhancement, and more so that you experience a smooth transition to GA4. We can provide recommendations on how to utilize GA4 features to your advantage, including how GA4 integrates with other Google products like Merchant Center, Optimize, Search Console, BigQuery, and Data Studio.

Adapting to the Changing Privacy Landscape

The transition to GA4 is part of a larger initiative to adapt to the changing consumer privacy landscape. Google Ads Enhanced Conversions (EC) are another part of that overall shift. By completing the GA4 implementation rollout six months ahead of our anticipated timeline, our experts have been able to prioritize other privacy initiatives like Enhanced Conversions to ensure all of our clients are aligned with current privacy initiatives.

“Our goal is not to just get by with the transition to GA4 and do the bare minimum to be okay when it changes, but to really take advantage of the opportunities to help our clients make the most out of GA4.” – David Austin, VP of Technology, ROI Revolution

Between the deprecation of cookies, new privacy laws, and general consumer wariness about sharing personal data, it’s critical for brands to make major changes to have accurate data retention and conversion tracking. ROI Revolution’s digital marketing and analytics experts work as an extension of your team to ensure you have accurate data in all of the data collection platforms you work with, even amidst the constant industry changes.

ROI’s technology team has also built out a proprietary tool for offline conversion tracking in GA4. Our internal RevolutionSuite technology empowers us to not only set up accurate GA4 attribution and tracking for our clients, but also to provide strategic, data-driven insights into online-to-offline activity.

Tying It All Together: ROI’s Google Analytics 4 Certification

In order to ensure you have the best marketing and website performance, you need to have the best data. GA4 is the future of web analytics – and you should have a great partner with you to go along with it. Reach out to our team today to explore how we can ensure your brand has a smooth transition to GA4.