google-light.jpgWe at ROI Revolution are searching for a talented, creative individual with at least six months experience with pay-per-click advertising to join our team in Raleigh, NC.

Well, I bet you are wondering what it is like to work at ROI. Let me share some of my personal experience with you.

I started working at ROI in September of 2006 and have never looked back. I completely set up pay-per-click campaigns from start-to-finish—from researching industries and keywords, to writing ad text, to campaign strategy, to bidding. It’s great because I have the control to do work without someone standing over my shoulder. I can take my own creative liberties, but I have the comfort of working in a team—so if I need input or assistance from a teammate, there is always someone there!

Plus, there is prestige in working here as ROI is 1 of only 11 authorized Google Analytics consulting firms in the nation.

You may even be one of the lucky ones at our company who gets to travel to Mountain View, CA and visit the elusive Googleplex! We are well connected with Google through our work with the Google Analytics, AdWords, and Website Optimizer Teams and that is something the majority of search engine marketing companies lack—we regularly work with some of the smartest people in the internet industry! Sound intriguing? It doesn’t stop there…

Working at ROI is like getting paid to learn. Each time I gain a new client and build out their pay-per-click campaigns, I get to learn about a new industry and expand my own horizons. This is much more interesting than working entirely with one industry all of the time.

Also, because the online marketing industry is constantly progressing and expanding, we at ROI have to keep up with the times. This means that whenever there is some time between client responsibilities, we get to read relevant books and articles—always a nice break to a busy work day! Needless to say, a huge benefit from working at ROI that makes it stand out from other companies is the relaxed environment. There are currently 11 people who work at ROI, and we are all friends and more importantly, teammates.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that our boss takes out for a nice lunch every Friday! Quite frankly, when speaking of bosses, I only have positive things to say about mine. He is constantly checking on me to make sure that I enjoy working here, and if I have any issues, I am certain he would work quickly to fix them! Basically, ROI is the type of work environment that most people look for but are never lucky enough to experience.

I would SERIOUSLY encourage anyone located in the Raleigh, NC area interested and motivated to work in pay-per-click advertising to immediately apply at ROI Revolution. The company is only going to continue moving forward, and the sky is the limit!

If you are self-motivated and like the idea of using your creative and strategic skills on a daily basis, than this could be the job for you. Learn more about this position and apply online here.