Last week, Amazon announced a series of updates to Sponsored Display’s remarketing capabilities. The new launch is called “Views Remarketing” and is available under the Audiences targeting option. This new feature will allow advertisers to run remarketing campaigns through Sponsored Display that serve on

Prior to this update, the Views targeting option in Sponsored Display only served off This was a great way to quickly set up retargeting campaigns to re-engage shoppers who viewed but did not purchase a product on Amazon.

Now, advertisers can set up retargeting campaigns through Sponsored Display that will serve both on and off

In addition to this critical update, Amazon has also announced several new features to this Views Remarketing Sponsored Display option.

Increase Brand Awareness With Sponsored Display Views Remarketing

With this expansion to Sponsored Display, Amazon has added more ways to customize retargeting campaigns. In addition to targeting shoppers who viewed but did not purchase a product, advertisers now have the option to target shoppers who browsed a product category or viewed similar products to the advertised product.

These more broad targeting options lend themselves to upper-funnel strategies with brand awareness and impression goals perfectly. This setting will be a great way to get in front of customers in the discovery or consideration phase of the buyer’s journey. This kind of targeting casts a wider net than traditional remarketing, which helps increase reach to get in front of more potential buyers.

Sponsored Display is often considered a good way to go after competitors, as the Product Detail Page placements are highly visible. With this new addition, brands can target shoppers who viewed competing products, then continue to market to them as they browse This is a great opportunity to stay top of mind as these shoppers make their purchase decisions.

Refine Views Remarketing Targets

Another new feature introduced with this update to Sponsored Display is the ability to refine targets. Similar to product targeting, Sponsored Display Views Remarketing allows the advertiser to filter targets by variables like Prime eligibility, star rating, brand, and price point.

For example, Views Remarketing campaigns can target products in the electronics category under $200 with 4 stars or more. This is a great way to expand reach while still targeting relevant traffic.

Category targets can be refined by brand, giving advertisers increased control over what traffic they work to capture. Targeting brands by refining categories is the best way to go after competitor products currently offered by Views Remarketing since individual ASIN targets are not available here. Targeting competitor brands by remarketing to those shoppers browsing their product pages is a great addition to an offensive advertising strategy.

Important Notes to Remember

  • For all three of the targeting options (advertised product, similar to advertised product, and category) the lookback window is 30 days.
  • Negative targeting is not currently available for Views Remarketing.
  • Bids can be adjusted individually by target.
  • Views Remarketing campaigns can be customized with a brand logo and headline.

Tying It All Together

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