We know it’s your worst nightmare to leave your booming business for a few days and come back to thousands of emails, who knows how many unfulfilled orders, and a fishbowl full of algae because your office mate didn’t remember to take care of little Herbie (your fantail goldfish) while you were away.

It’s even more unsettling when you’re not sure what you’re getting into once you hop on the plane and arrive at the Renaissance. We’ve gotten quite a few excellent questions about this event, so we want to put your mind at ease by compiling a list of our top FAQs:

  1. “What’s in it for my business? This conference is too specific to paid search. I need more solutions than that.”

    Here at ROI, we care about more than just your paid search. That’s our core business, but our mission is to help grow eCommerce businesses. We realize that our expertise isn’t your whole strategy, so we do some outsourcing for this ginormous gala of eCommerce gurus that only comes once a year. We want to make sure that you not only get direct access to our network of trusted partners who are there to help you hit your business’ goals in 2016 and beyond, but also learn through other retailers’ experiences. You’ll be getting cutting-edge information, actionable insights, and ways to do what you do better, both in sessions and during networking opportunities.

    Here’s a handy little reference guide that gives you a glimpse of just how many different topics will be covered:

    • Global state of retail and consumer science
    • Audience-fueled Q&A about Elon Musk’s biography
    • How to find and fix your worst pages
    • Simple marketing and sales system that runs itself
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Attribution modeling overview/ cross-device conversions
    • Online customer relationships
    • Working with 3rd party vendors
    • CSE developments
    • Mobile optimization
    • eCommerce and call tracking
    • Marketing on social media
  2. “There will be more chances to go to events like this later in the year. Why should I stress myself out at the beginning of the new year when I’m busy implementing my 2016 strategies?”

    Here’s the clincher: we believe that our new year timing is one of the best reasons to attend. If you aren’t aware of a certain trend that’s coming up, you can find out before your competitors do. If there’s a hole in your SEO, SEM, or social media advertising settings, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later in one of our 1:1 consultations (included in your ticket price) before your ROI is drastically impacted. And what better time to make a change than in Q1, when you’re already off to a fresh start?Here’s another reason you won’t want to wait around for another conference. We balance big ideas with individual attention, two aspects that rarely come together. At the 10x E-commerce event, you aren’t just one of the crowd shuffling from session to session, booth to booth. We get to know you and your business. We’ll talk to you face-to-face about what matters most to you in 2016. We have all the connections and resources of one of those massive conferences, without the anonymity. This is the perfect chance to get the information you need, along with real introductions to real people who really care about your business and know what it takes to help you grow and succeed.

  3. “Won’t this put me behind in the office when I get back?”

    We must confess, the answer to this one is a resounding “YES!” But in the best possible way. With all of the strategies, tactics and connections you’ll get at the Summit, you’ll agree with one past attendee who said, “I have lots of work to do at home!” You will definitely be behind, but only because you’ll want to immediately implement all of the incredible new tips you’ve learned.Here’s some of the value other past attendees found being out of the office at the Summit:“Well worth the time!”“I think the information here has probably given me more than the research I’ve done over the past year just reading.”“I’ve got 15 pages of notes on the first day!”Just think: a 3-day delay could put you ahead of the curve for the entire year! That’s a lot of value in a very small investment of time.

    One last note–consider getting Herbie the goldfish a self-cleaning tank for even more peace of mind as you depart for this event. See you in Orlando!