Updated July 27, 2017

The definition of what an online ‘scenario’ is depends on whether you ask a techie or a marketer. Bryan Eisenberg recently wrote an outstanding article on this subject, “What Exactly is a Scenario?” that outlines the different views on what a scenario is and the key components of the persuasion scenario.

In his article, the ‘techie’ definition of a scenario “is a series of steps a visitor must take to complete a funnel process”, and the marketer thinks “in terms of narrating how a visitor could participate in a conversion action”.

Whether you fall under the techie or marketer heading, you need to use an analytics funnel in order to track scenarios and in turn be able to optimize. The Google Analytics report ‘Defined Funnel Navigation’ allows you to track goals, and each goal is made of a specific scenario.

Don’t forget to take advantage of this tool in Google Analytics. Whether you have a lead-generation site or an e-commerce site, this report can help you to achieve those goals and get a valuable peek inside your visitor’s thoughts!