Google Shopping changes the game for online retailers. Your ads – including Product Listing Ads – should receive daily analysis and hands-on attention. This is the only way to take full advantage of potential growth opportunities to achieve maximum account performance.

Precise management of these shopping ads will ultimately make or break the upcoming holiday season. While automated tools are helpful, Product Listing Ads require more than a “set it and forget it” style of management. Key areas of optimization require detailed human attention.

Determining a product’s profitability is rarely as simple as an on/off switch. External factors, like seasonality and a searcher’s intent are best gauged with human rationale. Expert bid management strategies incorporate subtle trends alongside raw data to efficiently manage bids based on profit margin maximization.

All ads should be showing the right products to the right searchers at the right time. With hands-on management you can ensure you are not overspending at unprofitable times of the day or days of the week. Campaigns must be amplified for periods with high ROI and appropriately scaled back during slower times.

Beyond bids and scheduling, constant refinement in two other areas of performance can be done based on search query analysis. First, harvesting negative keywords ensures the right Product Listing Ads serve for the right searches. Second, performing competitive analysis on a regular basis helps to monitor competition entering the marketplace. Google Shopping is encouraging new retailers to enter the paid search arena, and automated tools simply lack the level of human discernment necessary to stay ahead.

The ability to make your Product Listing Ads profitable comes back to your ability to assess and dissect the reasons behind account performance. Reasoning is a trait unique to humans. No matter how smart our technology gets, nothing will out-perform a well-trained, intelligent human being’s ability to make rational decisions based on data and historical analysis.