In general, people don’t optimize their website for non-USA traffic. It never crosses many people’s mind. Why would it? Who else would be looking for your site, anyway?

Surprise, surprise – there is a good chance that your site has a substantial number of foreign visitors!

Just how substantial, though?

Well, I took a look at the Google Analytics account we have set up for the ROI Revolution site, and the Geo Location report said we had a total of 37,823 visitors for a certain time period. Of those 37,823 visitors, 11,045 where from outside of the United States. That is nearly 30% of the traffic coming to the site!

Doubtless you are wondering why this even matters.

The fact is that this is often a great potential market. So many people overlook overseas market that any effort you make to optimize for this audience will probably have a pretty decent impact.Geo Location.jpg

Depending on your situation, it might be a good idea to offer multiple language versions of your website. At the very least offer international shipping options.

What have you tried in an effort to market to a specific geographically-oriented market?