Isn’t it annoying when you have to click back and forth between your Google AdWords account and your Google Analytics account to see which campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are bringing the most profit bearing conversions for you? Well I have good news… You don’t have put up with that headache any longer!

We’ve seen it in our client accounts for some time now, but Google has just announced that it is now possible to import your goals and transactions from Google Analytics into your AdWords account.

To be able to do this, you must first have your Google AdWords account linked with your Google Analytics account. Once that is set up, you just have to make a few clicks, and you’re done.

In the new user interface, you can find conversion tracking under the tools tab.

ga goals new ui.JPG

In the old interface, you can find the Conversion Tracking section under the Campaign Management tab. You should see a box that allows you to “Link your Analytics Goals and Transactions.”

please work!.jpg

Click on that link, and you’ll see a list of all goals and transactions you’ve created in all profiles of your Analytics account. Simply select which ones you want to see in AdWords and click “Link”. You are also able to edit the action names.

Your current AdWords conversion actions will remain as you’ve set them up. Similar to adding additional conversion actions, the reporting should look the same to you, but now, AdWords is including all of the goals you’ve just linked to and takes all of those conversions into account when calculating your conversion rate and cpa.

You can now take the time you previously spent going back and forth between your two accounts and can spend it optimizing your AdWords account to bring in the most profits for you!