A quick search will yield thousands of articles filled with best practices for boosting your conversion rates. At ROI Revolution, we believe in testing, testing, testing. We’re all selling different products, using different pitches, and relying on different platforms. What works for one site does not always work for another – so test it!

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In this week’s Try This Test installment, we’ll take a look at a site that provides pest control products for the do-it-yourself market. 


The site was seeing a higher-than-expected drop-off rate from the cart to the checkout. 


Because purchasing commercial-style pest control products for the first time is already a decision fraught with uncertainty, we should take a hard look at all stages of the funnel to determine if we are taking the necessary steps to reduce customer anxiety about the site and brand.

Adding a strong testimonial to the cart layout should reduce the customer’s anxiety, boosting overall conversion rates.


The review text itself was pulled from actual customer testimonials, and the same stock image was used for the “reviewer photo.” Three different reviews were used in this multivariate test, each with slightly different focus areas (time/delivery, customer support, and professional products).

The testimonial was nestled under the “Proceed to Checkout” and PayPal buttons, where it was likely to be seen but did not intrude on the primary CTA.


screenshot of checkout page how it appeared before experiments

Variation 1:

screenshot of checkout page with review about good time/delivery

Variation 2:

screenshot of checkout page with review about good customer service

Variation 3:

screenshot of checkout page with review about good pricing and quality service


green arrow pointing up with blue text saying 6.43% conversion rate increase
Variation 1, with the testimonial that focused on competitive prices and quick delivery, had the best performance, with a 6.43% lift in conversion rate at a 96.5% confidence level.

Try It Yourself

Are you in a vertical with a higher barrier to entry, where customers are making a significance change in the way they use your product or service that is likely already causing some anxiety in the purchase cycle?

If so, try testing a strong testimonial in your shopping cart to give your users that last psychological nudge needed to move forward with the purchase. Once a user has entered the checkout phase of the buying journey, they are much more likely to convert.

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