Updated July 27, 2017

Google has just released Urchin 6 – Service Pack 1. There are some very important additions to this new version of Urchin 6.

First, several of the old Urchin 5 helper scripts have been revised and modified for Urchin 6:

Email Yourself Reports!
u6data_extractor.pl – You can use this script to retrieve data from the urchin.cgi engine and print a text-based report, which can be emailed, converted to HTML, etc.

Discover Processing Errors
u6scan_history.pl – This script will parse the Urchin 6 scheduler history file for errors for a particular date and print a notification if any profile exits with a non-zero exit status.If desired, the runtime output from each failed task can be printed inline.

Manage Your Logs!
weblog_rotate.pl – If you are in need of a system of log management, this script will be very handy. This script rotates the specified logs and names them with yesterday’s date. The script also restarts the web server with a specified command and optionally compresses old logs and removes them after a certain period.

In addition to these scripts, a totally new feature has been added which enables you to perform user management at the command line. Using the uconf-manager, you can add, delete, and update user records without having to go into the Urchin Administration Interface.

The uconf-manager also allows you to reset the admin password and move users to a different account, tasks that cannot be done using the Urchin Administration Interface. You can also use the uconf-manager to automate the process of user creation, saving you valuable time and eliminating frustration.

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