When it comes to cross-channel strategies for Q4, taking a full-funnel approach will be key. Watch this video to discover strategies to help you thrive across all of your channels this holiday season.

Cross-Channel Strategies for Q4

We’re paid media strategists here at ROI Revolution, and we’re here to talk about some Q4 cross-channel audience strategies.

The importance of fueling the funnel is top-of-mind. That means getting your brand and your name out there and starting to pull users into your consideration phase in advance of Q4.

That’s the first step.

One of the things our Microsoft partner has shared with us is that last year, 67% of November conversions came from October clicks and 50% of December conversions came from October clicks.

This really shows the importance of feeling that funnel and making sure people are seeing your ads early in Q4. Even if you’re not getting the conversions right then, they’ll come later in the quarter.

It’s a fantastic time to start refreshing the CRM list that you leverage across your platforms, as well. You can carve out a couple of different segments that you know will be full of super relevant, highly qualified users for this time of year.

Things like past purchases even honing in on Q4 purchasers over the last couple of years, lapse customers because you know all these users are coming back in.

It’s also a great time to capitalize on some high purchase intent. Maybe those users that washed out of your funnel are ready to make a purchase now. Another great thing you can do with that is actually exclude those users from your prospecting campaign, so you’re really focusing on that net new customer.

Then, by the time you get to the Cyber 5 (or Cyber 12), you can focus on remarketing to those people in those great user lists.

By that time, you also really want to focus on scaling up rights and making sure that you have strong campaign budgets and aggressive bids and really focusing on capturing the users that you’ve focused so heavily on trying to prep and drive that awareness for up until that.

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