In Part 3: Creating Your Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy, we learned about the two types of strategies for optimizing for conversions and when to use each. We also dug into the importance of testing options for your target audience since humans can be fickle.

Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling with your conversion rate optimization strategy, you may be wondering how to keep it going long-term. In part four of our six-part Optimizing for Conversions to Create Lifetime Value video series, Margo Andros, Founder at LTV Approach and Brandon Howell, Website Optimization Service Lead at ROI Revolution share the advantages and disadvantages of going in-house vs. agency for your CRO initiatives.

Optimizing for Conversions to Create Lifetime Value, Part 4: How Do You Manage CRO?

If your brand were to do CRO in-house, what resources would you need? If you were to outsource it, would you still need these resources? What are the advantages of going with an agency? What would your brand have to provide when starting a CRO program?

One of the first things a business needs to provide when starting a CRO program is a testing platform. If you don’t have one in place, an agency can help you pick one based on your size, scale, price range, etc.

When determining whether to go agency or in-house, a lot of brands go with an agency because it offers a multi-faceted, multi-skilled mindset.

If you’re really going to do this the right way, you need someone who’s a data miner who will be digging into the data and doing analysis. You need a UX specialist who understands human interaction and user journeys and flows. You need a graphic designer who comes up with new designs and does visual editing. You need a developer to code the test and make sure it works across all devices and browsers your customers come from. You need a project manager to keep it all on track. You need someone with testing platform expertise who knows how to use the platform and understands which will have an impact.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to doing conversion rate optimization, which is why a lot of people come to agencies like ROI that can save you from having to find all of those skillsets. We all know it’s hard to hire. It’s a lot easier to come to an agency and have a single point of contact rather than having to build a whole team out to do all of these things with any sort of scale. An agency can help you be more full-service without depleting your resources. There’s a lot of knowledge that can be used to put actionable steps into place.