In this video recap of Google’s 2022 Think Retail on Air Event, learn about Q4 2022 holiday trends from ROI Revolution paid search experts Alicia Tobey and Abigail Lorentzen. Scroll below the video if you’d like to read the transcript!

Q4 2022 Holiday Trends: Video Transcript

Abigail: Hi, I’m Abigail Lorentzen.

Alicia: And I’m Alicia Tobey.

Abigail: And we’re paid search team leads at ROI Revolution. We’re here today to talk about Q4 2022 holiday trends.

The holiday season is longer again this year, with October 1st marking the start of the holiday season. Consumers are still concerned with inventory and lingering supply chain issues and there’s still a general economic concern about what might be happening this Q4 season.

Consumer purchasing behaviors have shifted again this year, too. More consumers are doing price comparisons and looking at different shipping offerings. They’re looking at online ratings, reviews, and quality, really wanting to make sure they’re making the right choice and getting the best deal.

Consumers are taking their time researching and doing more research than in previous years, which is leading to some lower conversion rates. Around 70% of users are more thoughtful about their spending and are more concerned about costs. 81% of users have changed how they shop in order to manage costs, and 30% of shoppers are treating themselves but still looking for deals. 55% of shoppers are waiting to purchase until items are on sale, so offering promotions this year is more important than ever.

Here to share a little bit more about how you can leverage these 2022 holiday trends for your business, here’s Alicia.

Alicia: So, instead of assuming that a user is just going to be an online shopper or an in-store shopper, you want to have a “both and more” mentality. This involves maintaining an omnichannel presence to capture that user in all purchasing stages.

You also want to be present earlier, so get in front of consumers and showcase your promotions and deals with video assets so you build that brand awareness for when it does come time to buy.

You also want to make sure you’re prepared for a flatter holiday season. Budget flexibility will be key this year to make sure you’re capturing the right user at the right time, but you may not see those same Cyber 5 spikes as previous years.

Lastly, please proactively audit your selling points. You want to make sure that you’re showing up for the user in the way that they want to buy from you so review your product landing pages, compare your prices, your language, your offerings to those of top competitors. Review your Amazon offerings as well with your site offerings to make sure that there is consistency.

With that, we wish you the best holiday season possible!

Tying It All Together

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