SEO and conversion rate optimization are really a long game, aren’t they? Your UX and SEO strategies for Q4 will likely hinge on what did and didn’t work throughout the rest of the year. Watch this video to discover how website optimization can help you achieve new heights this holiday season.

The Long Game: UX & SEO Strategies for Q4

You need to be working on optimizations all year long in order to set yourself up for a really strong Q4 and holiday season. But what can you do at the end of Q3 or beginning of Q4?

On the SEO side, you should definitely have your holiday pages wrapped up and ready to go. Whether that means creating new content for this season or dusting off old content, make sure that your keyword research is up-to-date and the pages have the right dates on them, especially if you’re dusting off last year’s content.

You also want to make sure that you’re aware of everything that your dev team is doing in Q4. Any changes they might make to your site could affect you in the rankings depending on what they’re doing.

During Q4, you want to make sure that you’re paying close attention. See what’s happening with your keyword rankings and your indexation.

Any fluctuations that last longer than a day or two, or any very dramatic fluctuations, could be a signal that there’s actually something wrong with your site.

For conversion rate optimization, the beginning of Q4 is your last chance to button up all your landing pages and to make sure they have great UX and are likely to convert.

You still have a little bit of time to optimize your landing pages at the beginning of Q4. Test them against old versus new so that you know those pages that you’re sending all that paid traffic to and that are garnering organic traffic are going to convert for users when you get further into Q4.

What you do in terms of testing for UX depends on your risk tolerance. You could capitalize on the traffic at this time and do more testing to be able to get significant results faster.

If you’re a little worried, though, that you might get some big wins and some big losses when you’ve got all those people coming to your site, you may want to pause tests or make sure that you’ve started any tests in advance of those holiday days. That way, you worked out the kinks before the big traffic days hit.

You can also use this time to do user testing if you want to keep your testing program going but not risk rankings to thousands or millions of people.

You can also run not statistically significant tests, but really short-term tests.

Maybe on the first day of Cyber Week, you want to test two different promotional messages against each other.

You know you’re not going to be able to run them for the full two weeks, which is best practice. But you just want to see which makes users convert better in the first few hours. You plan to go with that for the rest of this of the period.

So those are really the things you can be doing in Q4.

And of course, like SEO, you want to be monitoring conversion rate across your site and by channel and troubleshoot any things that come up.

Those are the things that you should be doing during Q4. If you don’t feel prepared for Q4, keep these things in mind for next year and start working ahead in Q1 and Q2.

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