Google Recently rolled out a new series of advanced tests for their Google Advertising Professionals program, and in some of the study material they explain what affects advertiser’s landing page quality score.

Here are three areas Google wants you to focus on to help ensure your website receives a decent quality score:

“Relevant & Original Content”

*Make sure visitors can easily find what your ad promises
*Don’t copy content from other sites, make sure your copy is authentic and original


*Openly share information about your business (contact information, address, about us section)
*Only charge for items that are actually ordered
*Follow through on every promo and promise you make


*Make it easy for visitors to navigate around your site
*Avoid too many pop-ups, pop-unders, or other “annoying” elements
*Don’t require visitors to register in order to get access to your site

For more information on which types of sites Google tends to give low quality scores to visit this informative page in their help center.

Poor landing page scores can lead to higher cost per clicks, limited ad exposures, and in some extreme cases Google may even shut down your account. Also, it’s important to note that focusing and improving these aspects of your website is not a guarantee that your quality score will improve.