You may have read my previous article on the subject of combining Google Website Optimizer with Google Analytics. With the new Google Analytics interface, of course, there are some changes I’d like to address.

First things first, the integration remains unchanged. You can refer back to my previous post for these instructions.

Finding the information, however, is now a little different. Since there is no more Dynamic Content report (*sniff*), finding the data takes a couple steps. But don’t fret, it’s not too bad.

Here’s how:

First go to the Top Content report, found under the Content section:

topcontentnav.jpgThen, use the search feature in the data tables to find your test page. If you are only running one test, you can just enter in the term ‘combination’, as shown below.

datasearch.jpgThat’s it! Now you can segment and see metrics to your heart’s content. Remember that in this report, you can click on one of the combinations to see more metrics and segment.

Topcontentsmall.jpgNow for the warning: If you have any sections defined in Google Website Optimizer, but you are not showing any variations (if you have tags leftover from a previous experiment, for example) then the combination numbers you see in Google Analytics will be incorrect. This is because sections with no variations throw off the algorithm I’ve defined. No biggie, just don’t use the integration if you have unused section tags.

That’s it! I hope those of you that have tried the integration are finding it helpful. As always I’d love to hear your comments/complaints/suggestions.