Nothing is more frustrating when browsing a web site, than deciding to purchase the product and having to hunt around to find out how to purchase the product! This is something that many web designers overlook when making decisions about the layout and design of their site.

Always remember that the call to action is probably the most important aspect of your page. It’s the action your want your visitor to take when they visit your site. It could be anything from purchasing a product to filling out a contact form or signing up for a newsletter. Here are a few quick tips to increasing your conversion rate just by changing a few things about your call to action.

1. Location. Don’t make your visitors hunt for your call to action! Place it somewhere on the page where it can be easily seen, preferably above the fold. Make sure it appears next to or within your main web page content, so once your visitor learns about your product or company, they are presented with your call to action right when they are ready to convert.

2. Size. Tests have shown that the bigger the button, the better it will convert. Although this may not always be true, make sure that your button is at least large enough to call attention to itself.

3. Color. Button color is not set in stone, and can vary from website to website. Most people think that specific colors convert better than others, but the most important thing about the color of your call to action is that it stands out from the page. For example, if you have a navy page background, make your button orange so it draws attention to itself!

4. Text. Don’t use standard button text like “Submit” or “Send Info.” Actually tell the visitor what they are about to do. Use text like: “Give Me Free, Instant Access!” or “Subscribe to the Widgets Newsletter.” Different text will work for different situations, but never make the visitor feel that they are submitting their information without any direct benefit.


5. Testing. Most importantly, to find the best call to action for your site, you need to test. What works for one website may actually be hindering your conversions. Try different locations, sizes, shapes, colors, and text. The best way to find out what your visitors really want is to test different variations and let them tell you!

To help you test different calls to action, you can use a tool like Google Website Optimizer. Google Website Optimizer is Google’s free testing tool that allows you to test different aspects of your website to continually increase conversion rates.

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