Ahhhh, the glory days of late spring are here in the Carolinas: sunny skies with longer days, bright green leaves filling the trees and warm breezes. You can feel the excitement in the air as summer is almost upon us.

In the next few weeks, kids will finish school for the summer and parents will send many of their offspring to summer camps…some will be recreational: swimming, hiking, crafting…while others will focus on skill development: soccer, basketball, cheerleading, etc.

Mom and Dad may need a little help this summer, too, if they are one of several thousand Google AdWords customers who successfully use PPC advertising and spend at least $1,000/month with Google.

If you’ve been using Google AdWords for any length of time, you know the fundamental Google AdWords and Internet Marketing strategies:

* Uncovering your market’s hidden desires through comprehensive keyword research

* Getting Google Conversion Tracker and Google Analytics correctly configured to leverage the ultimate in free website tracking and ROI analysis

* Constantly split testing and improving Ad copy and landing page conversion

* Focusing your ad groups tightly around keywords and targeted landing pages

* Building comprehensive autoresponder sequences to increase conversion and visitor value

And every year a whole bunch of people make huge amounts of money just by doing these basic things consistently.

And these things aren’t that hard…

And yet I’m guessing that you aren’t doing them all. Maybe not even most… Maybe not even half…

For almost everyone, there’s a GIANT GAP between knowing what to do and actually doing it. And that gap is the biggest obstacle to success in the world.

Because knowing what to do is the cheap and easy part.

It’s getting it DONE that separates the super-Mom’s and Dad’s from all the rest.

In the lyrics of Elvis (the King), “A Little Less Conversation, a little more ACTION”.

Howie Jacobson, Durham, NC based author of the soon to be published AdWords for Dummies, is conducting a weekend AdWords implementation workshop Friday June 22 – Sunday June 24, 2007 limited to just 12 folks (I’m told there are 8 spots open as of presstime), focusing on helping you to finally get it done.

Michael Harrison and I will be there on Saturday June 23rd to help you get Google Conversion Tracker (and in many cases, depending on the complexity/architecture of your website, Google Analytics) setup to help you track your traffic, marketing initiatives, and ultimately your ROI.

Join us, as we roll up our sleeves together, to get your Google Analytics, AdWords, and marketing sequences rolling on your website.