Last month, Google announced the release of several new features for Google Website Optimizer. If you are new to Google Website Optimizer or are unsure of what it is, it’s Google’s free testing tool that allows you to test and optimize your website pages. To learn more about Google Website Optimizer check out the Google Website Optimizer blog.

Google Website Optimizer’s newest features include:

Experiment Pruning – a feature that lets you disable one or more of the experiments that are running. For example, if you have an experiment that is performing very poorly, you now have the ability to prevent that combination from appearing to visitors for the duration of the experiment.

A/B Offline Validation – allows you to validate pages that may not be accessible online. This is also useful for those who are currently using the ga.js version of the Google Analytics Tracking Code along with their Google Website Optimizer experiments.

Reporting interface color updates – which prevent you from jumping to conclusions while looking at the report data. Previously the colors used in the reporting interface occasionally suggested that a combination was winning and often times people would end experiments before a sufficient amount of data had collected. The colors are now yellow until a clear confidence winner is found, and the colors become green for winning combinations or red for losing combinations.

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