Heather Lutze, of Lutze Consulting, sat down with me to record a podcast at the New York Pay Per Click Summit about why Google Analytics is such an important part of the Pay Per Click process to learn what happens (in detail) after the click.

I’ll be joining Heather and a whole host of other PPC experts as a speaker in a few weeks in Los Angeles at the next Pay Per Click Summit in Los Angeles.

I’m super impressed with how Heather produced this Google Analytics podcast; she didn’t just take our interview and slap it up on her blog, she actually took some serious time to record a detailed intro to the topic, added music in the intro and in the close, and wrote up a nice piece on the blog.

I don’t know where Heather gets her direct, pull-no-punches-style interviewing experience but I felt a little like I was being interviewed by an experienced network-level journalist. Katie Couric look out!!!

We talked about the biggest challenges with Google Analytics, specifically how improper configuration/setup can affect the data that an advertiser has access to (or not) .

From Heather’s blog: “This invaluable tool, configured correctly, can help you bridge the gap between a paid search click and what happens after the click.”

Heather outlines how we can help companies configure Google Analytics correctly through our many services, including the free Google Analytics webinar and newsletter, as well as training packages.

You can listen in on our whole conversation here.