It’s the world’s second most popular social media platform and second largest search engine. It helped generate $3.4B in ad revenue from 1.9 billion active users last year alone. And its reach in terms of viewability and audibility absolutely dominates other platforms.

YouTube gives brands a unique chance to catch consumers when they are already leaning in to pay attention to a video. With the ability to drive impressive brand awareness, recall, and consideration, YouTube advertising is an opportunity that your brand can’t afford to miss.

As the popularity of video has increased over the years, we’ve seen a clear trend with our clients increasingly using YouTube advertising to promote their brand and products – in fact, it more than doubled from Q1 2018 to Q3 2019.

With 51% of marketers saying video has the best ROI out of any other type of content, this increase in YouTube content makes a lot of sense. Consumers’ demand for video content is also increasing, with 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

Where exactly does YouTube come into play? With one billion hours of YouTube content viewed every single day, advertising on this platform presents a major opportunity to any brand – especially for reaching a wider audience and attracting more shoppers to your offerings.

How do you know whether your YouTube ad is successful? The success of your YouTube ad can largely be chalked up to the brand awareness it drives. This is because YouTube is tailor-made for impressions. While you will drive conversions from your YouTube ads – especially in remarketing campaigns – the level of impressions that YouTube ads drive is an important metric to analyze.

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