We’ve talked about YouTube in the past, from their innovative use of TrueView Discovery ads to the overwhelming benefits of YouTube remarketing campaigns. Under the umbrella of Google, YouTube has quickly risen to be the premiere online video website, with viewers watching more than 1 billion hours of video every single day.

So how does YouTube continue to build on their current success and not stagnate like so many other businesses that make it to the top? The answer is to keep innovating of course. And that’s exactly what they are doing.

YouTube TV Launches Augmented Reality Ads During the World Series

After the 2017 post-season, YouTube TV partnered with Major League Baseball in an attempt to enhance the broadcast experience for viewers. At the time, little was known about what that would entail.

On Tuesday, it became much clearer, as YouTube launched two augmented reality advertisements during game 1 of the World Series. One of them aired pre-game, one during the 7th inning stretch.

These ads were projected directly on the giant screen that is perched above the Green Monster, an iconic section of Fenway Park in Boston. These ads were very unique, as they appeared directly in the middle of the broadcast, in stark contrast to what would typically be on display. This sense of disruption had a powerful impact, especially at a time where the race for video viewership is at an all-time high.

Companies like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon are all already competing for market share. Massive TV cable companies like Comcast and Spectrum dominate the TV airwaves. YouTube just made a play at both.

“From live programming morphing into a YouTube TV spot, to prominent in-stadium placements, our innovative partnership allowed us to build awareness for YouTube TV and have a voice during one of the biggest live sporting events of the year.
MLB has been a great long-term partner and we are excited to renew our World Series partnership as well as play a role in games throughout the season with the inaugural First Pitch sponsorship, bringing more ways for fans to enjoy their favorite teams cable-free with YouTube TV.” -Angela Courtin, Global Head of YouTube TV & Originals Marketing

YouTube Lowers the Cost of Entry for TV Advertising

For what seems like forever, TV advertising has been incredibly costly. YouTube is looking to revolutionize this concept.

Recently, YouTube announced that advertisers can now target any user that is watching YouTube on a TV screen. In the Google Ads platform, they have added a “TV screens” device type allowing for much more specific targeting on the video platform. The real boon for advertisers is that this new format also includes viewers streaming through a mobile app such as Chromecast, or on set-top boxes like Roku or the Amazon Fire Stick. It even works with Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and Smart TVs as well!

What does it mean for YouTube advertisers?

Basically, it offers up far more granular bidding options. It allows advertisers to set unique bids for this new TV device type, separate from other channels like mobile or computers. This improved segmentation will allow for even more refined audience targeting and will offer up an entire new avenue for advertisers to optimize bids and budgets.

More options = more opportunity.

“On average, users watch over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day.” -YouTube

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