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At ROI Revolution, your work is impactful, your peers are by your side, and your learning is continuous. If you thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, you’ll love working with us!

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Our Story

We believe businesses deserve an agency team that is just as passionate about achieving their goals as they are. Since 2002, we’ve been helping consumer brands accelerate growth and increase profitability through our highly strategic, results-driven digital marketing services and technology.

Rewarding work with a healthy mix

“I get to collaborate alongside a wide range of clients, each with unique goals and challenges. Every day, I learn more about the ever-changing digital landscape and industry trends. Being able to directly measure the cause and effect of my team’s contributions to the client’s business is VERY rewarding! I also appreciate that my role encompasses a healthy mix of collaboration, strategy, and deep diving into data. Working amongst bright, kind peers makes the workday even better!”
Nick Matthews
Nick Matthews
Principal Paid Media Strategist

Our Core Values

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Put Others First

You proactively support others, find fulfillment in serving clients, and generously share your time, knowledge, skills, and ideas, prioritizing doing the right thing even when it doesn’t benefit you directly.
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Relentlessly Pursue Excellence

You consistently surpass expectations with strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, timely high-quality work, and a tenacious pursuit of goals, all aimed at driving positive client outcomes.
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Embody a Growth Mindset

You are a resilient and growth-oriented individual who prioritizes personal and professional development, embraces challenges, inspires others to recognize their potential, and values candid feedback for mutual growth.
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Be the Good

You uplift others with genuine care and optimism, take ownership of your work while being accountable, practice active listening, and embody authenticity, humility, inclusivity, and respect.

Our core values define how we show up for each other and our clients. They guide our actions, help us make decisions, and lead the way we work.

Here are some supportive words, or “High Fives”, ROIers have shared with each other for living out our core values.

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Put Others First

“Alex is the projections expert for our team and never hesitates to jump in and help with prospect audits. He understands the importance of the potential business and has gladly rescheduled his workload each time a new question comes up where I request collaboration and insights from his end. It goes a long way and is greatly appreciated!”

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Relentlessly Pursue Excellence

“Mark’s critical thinking is highly valued by the pod. He always considers the pros and cons of decisions, which helps to drive the best holistic action for our clients. Recently, we were able to normalize ad scheduling to baseline and better push spend during core hours for optimized performance. Mark’s ability to own complex projects and his commitment to quality work exemplifies his Relentless Pursuit of Excellence!”

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Embody a Growth Mindset

“Niki is a terrific example of a team member who embodies a growth mindset. She’s made it her mission to better understand how Google is using AI in its algorithms, both now and what’s planned for the future, and has shared what she’s learning both with the SEO team and the company. She’s worked very hard on a recent article for the ROI blog, sharing what she’s learned with even more people. Thank you for your dedication to learning and growth!”

Social Growth
Be the Good

“I pulled Chris in on an opportunity where I needed support on offline conversion tracking. Chris went above and beyond to support me by joining calls, answering questions, and helping me feel confident.”

A place to grow and be my authentic self

“The first day I arrived at ROI, I realized there was something different about this place. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I wanted to work here, and that it felt like ROI was a place where I could grow. Over the years, I have learned about ROI’s core values and now realize the feeling I had on my first day was a reflection of those core values in the people I was interacting with. There is never a day that I am at work where I have not felt kindness and support from the people around me. I can show up as my authentic self, be seen, and feel heard.”
Maria Sawyer
Maria Sawyer
Office Manager

Our Hybrid Workplace

At our core, we value relationships. We know firsthand that strong working relationships are built through in-person collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship. We also recognize our team members’ desire for flexibility.

To strike a healthy balance of our personal and professional needs, we work in a hybrid environment. Typically, we are in the office 2-3 days a week with the option to work remotely the remaining days.

If you’re not in the Raleigh, NC area, ask your Talent Acquisition Specialist how we can help you get here!

Our Benefits

We see and respect our team members as individuals with unique needs and goals. We believe in a human-centric approach to help each person thrive personally and professionally.

Here are some of the resources and support we provide to our team members:

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Thoughtfully Designed Workspace

Our eco-friendly office supports collaboration, deep work, and downtime. Everyone has a standing desk and access to conference rooms, designated spaces for deep work, a game room, and stocked kitchen. Our great room hosts learning sessions, weekly catered lunch, happy half-hours, and more!
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We prioritize work-life integration and respect everyone’s time off to recharge. Our managers lead with context to directly support their team members. We emphasize mental health awareness and celebrate life milestones to foster happiness, health, and a sense of purpose for all.
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Continuous Learning and Growth

Our training and mentorship programs are designed for personal and professional growth. Specialized manager training ensures effective guidance, while regular 1:1s, performance feedback, and dedicated career conversations provide ongoing support to be our best selves.
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We believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work. In addition to a competitive salary (including a monthly education bonus), we offer comprehensive healthcare coverage on day one, disability, life insurance, paid parental leave, and a 401k plan with company match.

Fosters growth and career development

“I have been at ROI Revolution for over 5 years now and anticipate being here another 5+ years. ROI has an incredibly supportive environment, fosters growth and career development, listens to and evolves around employee feedback, and motivates you to come to work every day. Not only are you able to work in an industry that is constantly evolving at a rapid rate, but you are able to work with, and learn from, some of the brightest people in the business. There is always someone who will make the time to brainstorm and strategize with you. I’m grateful for everything that ROI has done and continues to do for myself and my career.”
Sam Salathe
Sam Salathe
Senior Paid Media Strategist

Our Interest Groups

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Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Committee

All About DIB

Kind and super smart people

“At ROI, I feel supported and inspired every day – by my team and their willingness to collaborate and experiment, by our transparent leadership and the growth opportunities they’ve provided, and by the whole body of ROIers who are kind and super smart people who put their teammates and our clients first.”
Kathryn Mueller
Kathryn Mueller
Team Lead, Conversion Rate Optimization

If you thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, you’ll love working with us! Explore the corporate services and digital marketing career opportunities in Raleigh, NC waiting for you.

Great ideas come from the unique variety of perspectives and experiences of a diverse team. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone has a voice and feels safe, seen, and supported.

Our commitment to equal employment opportunity means that all qualified individuals will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.