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The Situation

One of our clients, a leading retailer for automotive performance supplies, opened a business at the start of the 21st century as a local brick-and-mortar shop before entering the ecommerce space in 2005.

As experts in their field, the brand was in search of new ways to promote awareness and stay top-of-mind in a competitive market. In addition to working with ROI Revolution for paid search, they wanted to explore social advertising.

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Opportunity Identified

With a call center in place and a primary call-to-action for visitors to call for free advice, a good portion of the brand’s business and touchpoints occur over the phone. The brand wanted to use Facebook as another platform to drive sales but lacked clarity on how to attribute performance for top-of-funnel campaigns and felt nervous about the value they would gain.

The ROI team was able to leverage our RevolutionSuite technology for custom call tracking and reporting for the brand’s social platforms.

ROI in Action

By leveraging call tracking through the RevolutionSuite, the team was able to accurately track the customer’s path to purchase and break down the role the ads played across the funnel.

The ROI team leveraged one-day click attribution, which uses Facebook’s algorithm to advertise to consumers who are likely to convert within one day of clicking or viewing your ad. This enabled the ROI team to provide the most granular attribution the brand could receive for Facebook.

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RevolutionSuite Perfomance Analysis

For instance, they could show how an ad that wasn’t being clicked on was still getting interaction in a way that generated sales. The business was able to detect year-over-year changes in customer shopping behavior and attribute the percent of call sales vs. ecommerce sales. When call sales increased, they could identify whether they needed to optimize their site for conversions or if their call center was simply providing value to customers.

Results Achieved

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Of One-Day Click Facebook Revenue Newly Attributable to Call Sales
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