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Amazon Case Study

B2B Electronics Business Sees Sales Growth & Higher ROAS From Sponsored Ads & DSP Strategy

Results Achieved

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Every business wants to grow profitably on Amazon. But with the competitiveness of the platform, that’s way easier said than done. Let our experts take the burden away from you so that your brand can reach heights beyond what you imagined was possible. 

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The Situation

When you have a niche business, it’s critical to know how to reach the right audience. An industry-leading provider of high-quality network cabinets and server racks for IT professionals was looking to do that on Amazon. When increased competition resulted in a lower return year-over-year, the business, turned to their team at ROI Revolution to create and execute a strategy that would make the most of their budget and grow sales profitably. 

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Opportunity Identified

If the business didn’t maximize their ad budget, they were at risk of losing out on valuable traffic. After reviewing the brand’s Amazon DSP and Sponsored Display viewable CPM-based (vCPM) campaigns, ROI Revolution discovered that the business had the opportunity to increase their reach without losing profitability. 

ROI in Action

The business was ready to grow their Amazon ad sales profitably, and ROI Revolution developed and executed a strategy to take them there. The plan was to: 

  • Execute a full audit of the brand’s Sponsored Ads account  
  • Strategically reallocate a portion of the brand’s Amazon budget to DSP 
  • Provide ongoing proactive budget pacing updates to ensure alignment between our teams 
  • Optimize Amazon ad content, including adding negative keywords and reviewing product & keyword alignment 
  • Expand upon use of Sponsored Display vCPM 

Amazon DSP & Sponsored Ads Case Study Recap

By collaborating with ROI Revolution on a thoughtful Amazon strategy, the business saw increased impressions, clicks, and sales – all at a higher ROAS. The strategy delivered tremendous month-over-month growth: 

  • 55% increase in sales 
  • 32% increase in impressions  
  • 15% increase in clicks 
  • 52% increase in orders 
  • 6% increase in ROAS 


Outside of the ads, the brand’s overall Amazon business also saw impressive month-over-month growth: 

  • 16% increase in sales  
  • 18% increase in sessions 





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