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The Situation

Clean Simple Eats was founded to help individuals elevate their lives through food and fitness. The nutritional supplement company offers natural alternatives to help customers achieve their macro goals.

With costs per click (CPCs) rising on Google, Clean Simple Eats wanted to increase click-through rates for qualified traffic. The business turned to the paid search and product feeds experts at ROI Revolution to help drive profitability despite higher costs and lower seasonality during the time period the optimizations were made.

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Opportunity Identified

ROI’s product feed experts identified that Clean Simple Eats could drive more qualified traffic without increasing spend by optimizing the titles in the brand’s product feeds to more effectively match searcher intent.

Sometimes, more information creates noise for Google’s algorithm to match products with searches. There was an opportunity to update the titles to be more relevant and to remove unnecessary information that may have been driving up CPCs.

ROI in Action

The ROI team performed a complete restructure of titles for all of the brand’s protein supplements, updating the details reflected in the titles to incorporate the most relevant and rich product information upfront. The test was carried out for 52 days.
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Results Achieved

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