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Programmatic Case Study

Legrand Surges Past Industry Average Click-Through Rates 

Results Achieved

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“By aligning our targeting to data-driven audiences, and optimizing our content strategy over time, we were able to serve compelling and relevant ads that achieved remarkable results.”
Melissa Ott
Residential Marketing Director

With the right targeting strategy paired with compelling creative, a programmatic campaign can be the most cost-efficient strategy to drive new shoppers to your website. When you have programmatic capabilities beyond standard demographic, geographic, and interest-based targeting, your brand has the opportunity to reach and convert new, high-value, and relevant shoppers. 

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The Situation

Legrand is a leading provider of electrical switches, outlets, and more. Generating over $7 billion in annual revenue, the business was looking for new ways to expand reach and market presence even more. After several years of working with ROI Revolution on paid search advertising, Legrand turned to our programmatic experts to drive more of their target shoppers to their site, particularly for their designer switches 

Opportunity Identified

The target audience for designer switches is niche. The business was looking for ways to target these shoppers with the right segmenting, engage the audience effectively, and avoid losing new users to competitors in the market. There was an opportunity to: 

  • Increase awareness of Legrand among ideal customers 
  • Drive website traffic and engagement  
  • Shift the audience mindset to consider Legrand’s products as essential  

ROI in Action

The programmatic team at ROI Revolution worked to: 

  • Research audience segments that would meet Legrand’s personas 
  • Build custom interactive creative units specific to the brand 
  • Utilize multiple programmatic channels (including display, native, and pre-roll ads) to find new users 

Potential customers were guided down the marketing funnel with display, pre-roll, native, and retargeting ads. Legrand’s audience segments, sizes, performance, and relevancy were evaluated throughout the campaign to ensure ad dollars were only spent to attract the right users. 

Programmatic Advertising Case Study Recap

The industry benchmark for click-through rate (CTR) is 0.08%. Legrand’s native ads saw a 0.51% CTR, with their custom shoppable video display units performing at a 0.47% CTR. The campaign resulted in over 42 million impressions, 1.7 million completed video views, and 118,000 clicks. 


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