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The Situation

Since 1945, Littleton Coin Company has been providing high-quality products for collectors and hobby enthusiasts. As a catalog-based company with a heavy print focus, the brand was starting to recognize the importance of ecommerce brand awareness. They turned to ROI Revolution for new ways to nurture mid- to upper-funnel customers and curate personalized user experiences.

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Opportunity Identified

After the brand saw costs per action (CPAs) rise YoY during their prime seasonality, the ROI team proposed testing a new best practice from Facebook using the Facebook Pixel: signal-based marketing.

Signal-based marketing allows brands to introduce themselves to shoppers at different stages of the funnel and show relevant messaging to consumers based on where they are in their buying journey. This test required an entire account overhaul and lots of analysis of user group performance – but the opportunity to grow revenue by enhancing the full-funnel user journey was well worth the risk.

ROI in Action

The ROI team put all audience groups into one bucket and utilized automation to optimize for different actions. Consolidating audiences created a much larger pool for the algorithm to choose from and optimize audiences at specific spots in the funnel. The algorithm optimized ad spend for the brand by bidding on the most valuable customers and opportunities.

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Results Achieved

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