Case Study: Luxury Accessories Brand

$125MM+ Brand Uses Programmatic CTV to Supercharge Impressions & CTR


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Luxury Accessories


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Increase Conversions Through Dynamic Retargeting
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The Situation

A $125MM+ brand in the artisan special gifts industry was looking to reach new audiences and drive conversions during the holiday shopping season. As an industry leader of gift items, the holiday season is an especially important time of the year for the brand. In a time of economic uncertainty when many brands are remaining flat, this business was looking for new, strategic ways to drive increased awareness and sales.

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Opportunity Identified

Connected TV (CTV) is a top channel to drive brand awareness among new customers, so the brand was specifically looking to prioritize this channel. While CTV is often thought of as a top-of-funnel play, weaving retargeting into your CTV strategy can guide users further down the funnel. With 92% of US households reachable by CTV programmatic advertising, CTV provides a key opportunity to reach a wide pool of users. With this knowledge, the ROI team developed a strategy to identify and reach target customers and empower the brand with wins that blew past their goals.

ROI in Action

The programmatic experts at ROI Revolution developed a strategy to get the brand in front of their target audience and showcase them as the leader they are. If a user watched a CTV ad all the way through, they were shown a retargeting ad on mobile, tablet, and/or desktop linking to products on the brand’s website. If the user didn’t convert from there, they would later receive dynamic retargeting ads highlighting the last product they viewed on the website.

Running a CTV-only campaign is great to drive awareness, but doing so neglects the consideration and purchase stage of the funnel and bottlenecks your brand growth. Since CTV ads aren’t clickable, the ROI team was able to get interested shoppers to the brand’s website by targeting users who watched the brand’s ad all the way through.

Even on a channel that isn’t traditionally return-focused, it’s possible to highlight your brand as a leader in your space and drive revenue by having a strategic mindset to take things a step further. If you have the experience and knowledge of programmatic experts like those at ROI by your side, you can drive new users down the funnel – even with a channel that’s traditionally awareness-focused – without sacrificing return.

Results Achieved

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Higher than Industry Average CTR

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