Case Study: Luxury Fashion Brand

Grows Revenue 92% at 15x ROAS Through Facebook Advertising



Paid Social Media Advertising


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High-End Apparel & Accessories


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Facebook Advertising


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Grow Revenue at High ROAS

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The Situation

A high-end clothing and accessory retailer faced a challenge to hit high revenue targets during a summer promotion. The previous year’s sales figures were stagnant, and the retailer wanted a strategy to boost conversion rates.The brand joined forces with ROI Revolution to increase site traffic and grow online revenue with a high return on ad spend (ROAS) without compromising brand integrity.
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Opportunity Identified

As a luxury brand, maintaining company image was paramount, so use of terms such as “sale” or “discount” were not an option. Because of this, ROI Revolution analysts needed to come up with a unique and inventive approach to drive additional traffic and conversions.

A paid social media campaign had the greatest potential to drive seasonal success, but the brand had never utilized this advertising channel before. The ROI team developed a strategy to rapidly increase Facebook budgets across a variety of targeted ads to drive new customers to the brand’s site in addition to remarketing campaigns. The goal was 200% ROI across all Facebook campaigns.

ROI in Action

Facebook advertising proved invaluable for capitalizing on the brand’s seasonal traffic increases. The ROI team developed a mixed strategy to grow the brand’s traffic and revenue while maintaining profit margins by developing dynamic ads and carousel ads to increase conversions, leveraging the Facebook Pixel to advertise to highly targeted custom audiences, performing A/B tests on landing pages to determine high-converting traffic, and more.

RevolutionSuite Perfomance Analysis
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Results Achieved

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ROAS on Facebook Ads
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More Conversions From Carousel Ads
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“We credit the success of this campaign to the targeting strategy developed by ROI Revolution and Facebook prior to launch. Having this strong foundation in place gave us the confidence to let the campaign run its course and ultimately allowed our team to focus on other areas of our customers’ experiences.”

Marketing Manager at Luxury Fashion Brand

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