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The Situation

Perry Ellis International, an industry-leading fashion brand, has been rewriting the rules of fashion with fun, fresh, and forward-thinking styles since 1976. After analyzing ad data from an incredibly successful Prime Day that drove a high volume of sales, it became clear that the brand could achieve more profitable conversions while staying at their current rate of spend.
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Opportunity Identified

The company was approaching the end of their fiscal year and had a lofty goal of increasing ROAS to $10 for every $1 spent on Amazon, despite facing limited budgets for their upcoming holiday season. ROAS had completely dipped, and one brand even had to be cut off entirely because they had reached their budget and there was still time left in the year. Without the bandwidth and expertise to tackle their Amazon Advertising issue, Perry Ellis reached out to ROI Revolution for a solution.

ROI in Action

The ROI team worked closely with Perry Ellis to determine how to most effectively use the remaining budget. With ROI’s proprietary technology, the RevolutionSuite, the team helped Perry Ellis understand the significance of their historical data. “The reporting was really critical because I think without it, it’s just your gut and your estimate, but the numbers are the numbers,” Michelle Reed, Senior Vice President at Perry Ellis, says.
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RevolutionSuite Perfomance Analysis

Prior to ROI, Perry Ellis was placing almost every product and keyword for each of their brands into one campaign, giving Amazon control to select the product shown when a shopper searched using the campaign’s keywords. ROI structured Perry Ellis’ campaigns to provide the most granularity and control, guaranteeing the ability to push and pull levers to hit certain targets. Almost immediately, ROAS began to turn around.

Results Achieved

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