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Attribution Clarity

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The Situation

PUMA, an industry-leading sports brand, has been innovating sports apparel, footwear, and accessories since 1948. PUMA invests heavily in awareness across lots of different accounts and builds a strong brand identity through collaborations with numerous renowned labels, brand ambassadors, and celebrity influencers. But with so many avenues to reach customers, there was a lack of conversion-focused accountability on the paid social side of business, muddling the waters of driving and tracking direct sales from Facebook and Instagram.

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Opportunity Identified

This lack of conversion clarity is a common theme for brands investing in multiple channels, especially when it comes to cross-device tracking. While PUMA recognized the importance of top-of-funnel brand awareness campaigns, being able to clarify conversions driven by paid social advertising would require different measurement tools. PUMA turned to their partners at ROI Revolution for a solution.

ROI in Action

ROI started by implementing Facebook Attribution to look at first-touch, last-touch, and all the touchpoints in between and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of PUMA’s upper-funnel campaigns.

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RevolutionSuite Perfomance Analysis

The team knew a lot could be gained from understanding both cross-device and cross-channel conversions, which are often impossible to track in Google Analytics. The team also ran a Cross-Source Conversion Lift to gain insight into the impact of PUMA’s ads on driving incremental sales and conversions.

Results Achieved

Facebook Attribution empowered PUMA and their ROI team to look at the entire buyer’s journey and reveal the true value of upper-funnel Facebook advertising. With their team at ROI, PUMA was able to determine:
Increase in Conversion Value
0 %
Purchases Attributable Through Facebook Attribution
0 %

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