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Google Shopping Case Study

Steiner Tractor Grows Conversions at a Higher ROAS With Product Feed Optimizations

Results Achieved

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With cross-channel experts collaborating under one roof to drive your brand’s growth, it’s easy to proactively identify and act on innovative wins. The product feeds and paid search advertising experts at ROI Revolution help your business spend your ad dollars efficiently to maximize revenue at a high return.
“Our small in-house team deeply appreciates the insights and diverse perspectives ROI Revolution brings to our business. Working with a team of professionals who have the ability to identify opportunities like this and capitalize on them contributes to our overall success in concrete, measurable ways that propel our business forward.”
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The Situation

Steiner Tractor is a retailer that sells remanufactured parts for a large variety of antique tractor brands and models. The business partners with ROI Revolution to implement profitable paid search and product feed optimization strategies that maximize revenue without increasing monthly ad budget.

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Opportunity Identified

After seeing steady revenue growth in 2020 and 2021, followed by a strong 2022 as a result of shifting to Performance Max (PMax), Steiner Tractor was ready for the next step in their growth journey. In a cross-channel meeting among ROI Revolution’s paid advertising experts, an opportunity was identified for Steiner Tractor to increase qualified traffic to products with a high click-through rate (CTR) using a uniquely tailored strategy to optimize their Google Shopping product feeds.

ROI in Action

The plan was to drive significant growth by avoiding increasing ad spend and ensuring that PMax ad dollars weren’t wasted on underperforming products. By tailoring product groupings with custom labels to prioritize high-margin, high-CTR items and deprioritizing low performers, Steiner Tractor was able to allocate their ad spend efficiently and increase qualified site traffic. The result was higher conversion rates and click-through rates at a higher return year-over-year!

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Google Shopping Case Study Recap

Steiner Tractor grew qualified traffic and increased conversions at a higher ROAS without spending an additional dime on ads.  

The business achieved their Google Shopping growth goals with a thoughtful PMax and product feeds strategy, and the results speak for themselves: 

  • Increased conversion rates by 15% 
  • Increased ROAS by 20% 
  • Increased CTR by 16% 



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“When the ROI Revolution team first suggested they could target new customers through our paid campaign, I was naturally a little skeptical. I should have known better.”
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