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Website Optimization Case Study

Steiner Tractor Improves Website Navigation & Accessibility to Drive More Transactions

Results Achieved

In a four week period, Steiner Tractor achieved:

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Increase in Transactions
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Increase in Revenue
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Increase in Navigation Usage
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Website accessibility is often overlooked as part of UX optimization – but when your target audience requires a certain type of accessible website experience, it turns into something that can’t be ignored. With a team of experts in conversion rate optimization by your side, your business can easily discover critical opportunities to drive more profitable conversions across your marketing channels.

“Working with the conversion rate optimization team at ROI Revolution has been a game-changer for the small internal team at Steiner Tractor Parts. Bringing in ROI Revolution team members from a variety of backgrounds to look at our site with fresh eyes and also to conduct deep analysis on how our users interact with our site has been transformative in improving user experience and conversion rates on It is a pleasure to work with a group so committed to data driven changes.”
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The Situation

Steiner Tractor is a retailer that sells remanufactured parts for a large variety of antique tractor brands and models. The business partners with ROI Revolution to implement thoughtful strategies for website optimization, paid search ads, and product feeds. With conversion rate optimization top-of-mind for Steiner Tractor, the UX experts at ROI Revolution are always looking  for opportunities for the business to drive more profitable conversions. 

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Opportunity Identified

As part of a heuristic analysis of Steiner Tractor’s ecommerce site, ROI Revolution identified two major opportunities to make the website more accessible for their target audience of older men. UX and accessibility best practices are always important to follow, but may need to be taken even further when your shoppers additional considerations.

The audit revealed that Steiner Tractor’s navigation was hard to use because items were too close together, especially on mobile. Additionally, the font size was too small across product detail pages (PDPs).

At ROI Revolution, A/B testing is a key part of our strategy. The team delivers A/B tests with a win rate 3x higher than the industry average. For Steiner Tractor, the team proposed two A/B tests to improve site accessibility: increasing spacing between mobile navigation items and increasing the font size for product descriptions on PDPs.

ROI in Action

ROI Revolution executed the two A/B tests for Steiner Tractor in order to make a data-backed recommendation to enlarge mobile menu items and PDP descriptions and therefore increase conversions. Our dedicated analytics team joined in on strategy execution by adding event tracking on navigation categories and PDP interaction. This helped to provide high-quality and detailed data for the team’s post-test analysis, ensuring that Steiner Tractor would receive highly reliable test results.

The tests resulted in a significant improvement to the usability of mobile navigation, with a projected lift of 5.44% in transactions, 8.98% in revenue, 4.69% in navigation usage, and 1.04% in product landing page views in just four weeks.

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Antique Massey Harris Tractor

Website Optimization Case Study Recap

Steiner Tractor had an opportunity to capture more conversions by improving their website accessibility in order to capture more conversions. ROI Revolution developed and executed strategic A/B tests to improve the usability of mobile navigation, and the business was able to: 

  • Increase transactions by 5.44% 
  • Increase revenue by 8.98% 
  • Increase navigation usage by 4.69% 
  • Increase product landing page views by 1.04% 



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