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The Situation

Founded in 1989, Swing Set Mall has grown its catalog to over 1,000 distinct items. With such a diverse group of products complicating their Shopping campaigns, Swing Set Mall turned to ROI Revolution with a goal to improve the quality of their product data.

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Opportunity Identified

The team at ROI Revolution detected a series of untapped opportunities to enhance product categorization and improve campaign architecture. The biggest opportunity was with product grouping. Many of Swing Set Mall’s unrelated products were grouped together, while others that made sense to fall in the same group were orphaned.

Swing Set Mall was at risk for decreased clicks, missed conversions, and decreased sales volume by serving ads with products grouped together that didn’t make sense, or with the wrong products displayed altogether.

ROI in Action

To optimize Swing Set Mall’s product data, the ROI team built a supplemental feed to allow additional data to be connected to existing product data.

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The team was then able to categorize products based on pricing, conversion rates, and purpose to improve bidding accuracy so that Swing Set Mall would no longer be limited by mismatched product groups and under performing campaigns.

Results Achieved

Revenue Growth in 1 Month
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Increase in ROAS
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“Optimizing your product data can be technical and confusing due to lack of time and/or awareness. Most of the time, companies accept the quality of the product data as-is and try to make do with whatever state it’s in – but proper grouping is essential for optimizing bid and campaign settings.”

Brennan Hall, ROI PPC Strategist

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